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Summer (2-3.5 yrs)

We are so excited to announce a shorter 6-week summer camp for children 2-3.5 years old on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 3pm-5pm, July 9th thru August 15th at our 537 Park Avenue location. Our camp will remain onsite, enjoying our indoor space as well as our gated front outside area. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to experience a gentle separation drop off class. Our classes focus on giving children all the love they deserve and tons of fun activities to get their minds and bodies moving. Join us for a fun filled summer camp!

Interested in summer camp for 3.5-7 years old please see here.


Our child-centered approach includes:

• Gentle and loving approach to separation

• Calming nature-filled environments, free of overstimulating elements

• Learning through organic, creative exploration

• Educational sensory activities aimed at developing gross and fine motor skills

• Intimate setting ripe for socialization


We look forward to next years camp!

6 Week summer camp descriptions:

WEEK ONE 7/8-7/12

Folklore & Fairy Tales 

Let’s add a dash of magic and some battles between good and evil as we explore the art of storytelling. We will create our own miniature worlds this week with a story or two to tell!

WEEK Two 7/15-7/19

Blast from the Past

What’s your favorite dinosaur? I’m sure your child has more than one! Let’s learn about these magnificent creatures this week while we make prints in clay, sift through sand bins for dinosaur bones, explore herbivores favorite foods and dig for dinosaur eggs!

WEEK THREE 7/22-7/26

A Community of Superheroes

For Hugs & Bugs Club, superhero week is all about helping our local community and meeting the “superheroes” in our own backyard. We’ll explore the different roles people play in our city. We will also partner with a local charity to put our creativity to good use.

WEEK FOUR 7/29-8/2

Hugs & Bugs Club Marketplace

Did you know shells have been used for thousands of years as currency? This week we will learn about various types of currency through fun math games, evaluate what something is worth, and make our own very own Hugs & Bugs Club market selling our own creations!

WEEK FIVE 8/5-8/9

Cast Away

We will dive into a world of colored sand, hidden notes, and pirate maps. And to end our awesome Cast Away week,  we will use problem-solving and teamwork to complete our very own scavenger hunt in our space!

WEEK SIX 8/12-8/16

Animals & Mythological Creatures

Animals are amazing and teach us so much about ourselves and the world around us. This week we will learn about land and sea animals as well as the mythological creatures they inspired in literature.