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Mommy and me infant and toddler early sensory learning classes in Hoboken, New Jersey and Waldwick, New Jersey. We focus on sensory play, socialization and American Sign Language. Each session is based on a book. Each class is inspired by a page within the book. Each class is a unique experience for the caregiver and child. 

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Hugs & Bugs Club was inspired by my son, Jackson, and my hopes for him to socialize more and experience new things regularly. We tried pretty much all the classes and some of them were great, especially in the beginning when they were new. But, once the wow factor of a new drum or bubble wand disappeared, he became super bored, went stir crazy, and entertained himself by finding new ways of tearing down the room or escaping. This became increasingly difficult since I was pregnant with his baby brother, Rex. So I started researching sensory games and materials, and their benefits, and I was blown away! You mean he could be entertained, learn something cool and I can take a shower for longer than two seconds!?! That's it! Why not create a constantly changing sensory playgroup for him and our little friends to have fun and learn!?! So I did and I am loving every moment of Hugs & Bugs Club! I'm so thankful to all the amazing and creative people I have met, my amazing boys and all the kids for constantly inspiring me! 

I grew up in a very creative household always encouraged to be imaginative. My mom was the true artist of the family, inspiring us to play with paints and make our own costumes, while my dad had the entrepreneurial spirit, always teaching us to try new things and keep our minds open. Together they sparked a love of literature and art in me as well as maintaining my dreamer mentality. This has all come together for me with Hugs & Bugs Club!

My love of literature came from my dad's descriptions of different books and how much he appreciated language and vocabulary. This led me to pursue my BA at Rutgers University and then an MA from The University of Chicago in English Language and Literature. My plan was to become a professor and keep my writing, art and theater passions as hobbies. Eventually those hobbies broke free and they became my sole focus for over 10 years. I whole-heartedly jumped into the acting world and studied with amazing teachers and directors, learning different acting techniques, body movement exercises, mask exploration, voice and diction techniques and anything else I could do to delve deeper into this wonderful acting craft.

I'm a creative spirit and enjoy art, theater and music, and believe children learn in creative play. I witnessed this first hand while tutoring young children as well as my experience being a stepmom to three amazing girls, one of which I taught how to read, and a mom to my sons. I have loved all the moments of decorating our home with handmade creations for special occasions and holidays, getting messy in the kitchen while Jackson looks at me through different colored tupperware tops, and making Halloween costumes.

I hope my kids remember these moments like I remember my mom showing me how beautiful watercolors spread and how one thing can become something completely different with a little bit of imagination, or the sight of a huge bonfire at my dad's college celebrations and the taste of spicy chicken wings, and how Motown, Jazz, Latin and Classical music always filled my home. My senses were constantly intrigued! I wish to share this love of sensory play and welcome children to be inspired and build awesome memories too! 



Brianna is a super talented artist and DIY furniture maker! She graduated from Monmouth University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Studies and plans to pursue a Master’s degree in teaching with certifications in Art and Disabilities. She enjoys painting, reading, exploring new places, and eating Mexican food. 



“The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires.” –William Arthur Ward