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Mixed Media Art Class (5-8 years)


Our new After-School Mixed Media Art Class for 5-8 year olds will be at our 537 Park Avenue location. Over the course of 6 weeks, we will cover a wide-range of topics from self portraits, clay figures, 3D sculptures, shoebox mansions, interpretive art, and end by creating our own storybooks. This is a great way to introduce or encourage your child's interest in the amazing world of process art, while giving them a space to meet new friends. We can’t wait to see what we can create together!


6 WEEK Mixed Media art DESCRIPTIONS:


Imagination Portraits

What does your imagination look or feel like? How do you see yourself? We will explore creating a multimedia self-portrait. *Please bring a 3x5 black & white photo of your child to use in their project.


Modes of Transportation

How would you get the school if there were no boundaries? Would you take a spaceship, race car, flying octopus?

WEEK Three

3-D Sculptures

Learn more about sculptures, 3-D art, and building up and out.


Figures from Clay

Create figures from clay. Make yourself or a friend, favorite animal or design your own monster, possibilities are endless.


Shoebox Mansion

Collaboration project! Work together arranging boxes to build and decorate a house.

WEEK six

The Art Book Making

Let’s make our very own book!