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529 Willow Avenue
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0-6 Year old classes


Currently enrolling students for Spring & Summer sessions. See our schedule HERE.

Come get messy with us! It's a surprise each time: New day. New materials. New music. New mess. New opportunities to learn. Classes listed below are held at our Hugs & Bugs Club 529 Willow Avenue location.

Each week we surprise our little bugs with a new adventure such as sand play, large pool full of balloons or packaging peanuts, fruit stamping, shaving cream play, colored rice and pretty much anything that let's our little bugs jump into a new world of messy fun!

We welcome you to choose the appropriate class for your little one to maintain a safe environment for them to explore and learn. Each class will include new sensory activities, American Sign Language and a single fruit snack. Please let us know of any allergies when you register.  Also, please remember to bring an extra set of clothing and dress our little explorers in clothes that allow them to get messy. In order to maintain a safe and social environment, there are only 8 spots available for each Mommy & Me style class. Since we strongly believe in creating a community within the class, we do not offer single drop in/trial classes.

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Belly Babies (0-6 months)

Our Belly Babies class is a small and intimate mommy support group with a max of 8 moms. We talk about everything, without judgement, and help each other navigate through the first few months of our baby’s life. While we talk, we offer various sensory materials, encouraging our babies to stretch their muscles, move their heads side-to-side and explore fun and engaging tummy time activities. Babies can be feeding, sleeping and cuddling during the class.

Wednesday’s at 12:30pm beginning April 3rd. $25/class. Must register for 4 consecutive classes.

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Wobbly walkers (12-18 months)

Our Wobbly Walkers are exploring their world at various heights as they find their feet and ability to move around in a new way. Let's encourage their curiosity as we go on fun adventures with new friends!

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Daring Dashers 18 mo.- 2.5 years)

Our Daring Dashers need to investigate everything and see how it all works! They will be invited to go on their own, make some friends, and get their hands and feet dirty learning how different textures feel and smell as they squeeze, dig, pull, pour, shovel, and fill all sorts of things. Along the way, they will be picking up an array of new vocabulary in each sensory adventure.

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jabbering jammers (2-4 years)

We're so excited to begin classes with our chattering bugs! Our Jabbering Jammers will add an array of new vocabulary to their repertoire and love to talk your ears off about all the fun sensory activities they did in class that day. They will be encouraged to articulate what they are experiencing as they play with their fabulous friends. 

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wordy wizards (4-6 years)

Our Wordy Wizards will create magic! They will learn to communicate with each other using American Sign Language and engage in wizardly activities! We will paint with our feet, create fabulous process art pieces, make colored rice from scratch, jump around hot lava, build marshmallow castles and pompom catapults, and so much more! This is a dropoff class.