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Special Needs Sensory Playgroup

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Special Needs Sensory Playgroup


Special Needs Sensory Playgroup


Bring your own therapist!

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Bring your own therapist! I created this company before knowing I was heading into speech and sensory processing therapies for my oldest child. I design these classes with all my heart and know how difficult it is to meet others that understand the challenges involved. This class is especially dear to me, and I hope it will give children the ability to make lasting friendships and feel at ease knowing they are coming to a place that is safe and comfortable. It’s important that they recognize their friends each time they come to play, as familiarity is essential. Throughout the years, I have see beautiful progress occur when therapists join children in class and I’m so happy to be able to offer this class and welcome them to join us. This is also a wonderful way for parents to meet and make friends too! Space limited to 12 children.

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