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Current Schedule

Current schedule for JUNKYARD 13-week session

We are so excited about our Junkyard 13-week Session at Hugs & Bugs Club!!!

Below is the current schedule Sept. 11th thru Dec. 15th*

*14th week added for makeups Dec. 18th-22nd

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 9.02.44 PM.png
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Our Preschool prep 3-hr drop off program

Our Preschool Prep class has been AMAZING!!! Each week our little bugs (2-3.5 years old) dive into various sensory activities and art projects in addition to show-and-tell time. Our little ones also learn how to set a table for snack time and clean up nicely after themselves. Such a beautiful time with friends!

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Jumping into class!

Our little bugs jump into super fun sensory activities learning fine motor skills, social skills, American Sign Language and so much more all the while playing with their friends!