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Mommy and me infant and toddler early sensory learning classes in Hoboken, New Jersey. We focus on sensory play, socialization and American Sign Language. Each session is based on a book. Each class is inspired by a page within the book. Each class is a unique experience for the caregiver and child. 

Thrilled to announce our upcoming sessions

"A COLOR OF HIS OWN" by Leo Lionni

SPRING Session 9-weeks: April 30th thru June 29th

"SOME BUGS" by Angela DiTerlizzi & Brendan Wenzel

SUMMER Session 8-weeks: July 9th thru August 31st

*Early Registration for Spring and Summer session ends March 9th and comes with a free copy of your session's book for your little bug to go home with on the first day of class!


We'RE SO excited for you to join us at Hugs & Bugs Club

"A Color of his own" and "Some Bugs" are sure to inspire wonderfully messy and fun activities!

 SPRING SESSION "A COLOR OF HIS OWN"   9-Weeks April 30-June 29


9-Weeks April 30-June 29

 SUMMER SESSION "SOME BUGS"  8-Weeks: July 9-Aug. 31


8-Weeks: July 9-Aug. 31

Come get messy with us! It's a surprise each time: New day. New materials. New music. New mess. New opportunities to learn.

We welcome you to choose the appropriate class for your little one to maintain a safe environment for them to explore and learn. Each class will include new sensory activities, American Sign Language and a snack. Please let us know of any allergies when you register.  Also, please remember to bring an extra set of clothing and dress our little explorers in clothes that allow them to get messy. In order to maintain a safe and social environment, there are only 8 spots available for each Mommy & Me style class and 5 spots available for our Preschool Prep 3-hour drop off class


Thank you for joining us! below are various age groups

Belly Babies
from 100.00

1 day - 9 months

Our Belly Babies will love cuddling with mommy while playing with various sensory materials and toys, encouraging them to stretch their muscles, move their heads side-to-side and explore fun and engaging tummy time activities.  This is a wonderful way for mom's to connect and socialize, exchange tips with each other, learn American Sign Language and feel part of a loving and supportive community. This is a beautiful mommy support group and great way to bond with new friends. 

Class meets on Tuesdays 2pm

Class packages must be attended consecutively.

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Cute Crawlers

9 months - 14 months 

Cute Crawlers will enjoy playing with mommy, daddy, or caregiver with various sensory materials and toys. They are just becoming aware of this big world around them and what better way to start their journey than with feather dreams, big bubbles and squishy sensory bags filled with treats. They will also begin their American Sign Language lessons and warming those little fingers up to tell you exactly what they want. 

Class meets on Fridays at 2pm

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Wobbly Walkers

12- 18 months

Our Wobbly Walkers are on their way to explore their hearts out! Let's encourage them to gain some independence and go on fun adventures digging through gooey green critter pits or searching through rainbow rice for lost treasure with their new friends! They will also be learning tons of descriptive words and American Sign Language too. 

SPRING 9-week session: $326.25

SUMMER 8-week session: $290.00

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Daring Dashers

18 months - 2 1/2 years old

Our Daring Dashers need to investigate everything and see how it all works! They will be invited to go on their own, make some friends, and get their hands and feet dirty learning how different textures feel and smell as they squeeze, dig, pull, pour, shovel, and fill all sorts of things. Along the way, they will be picking up an array of new vocabulary in each sensory adventure.

SPRING 9-week session: $326.25

SUMMER 8-week session: $290.00

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Jabbering Jammers

2  - 4 years old

We're so excited to begin classes with our chattering bugs! Our Jabbering Jammers will add an array of new vocabulary to their repertoire and love to talk your ears off about all the fun sensory activities they did in class that day. They will be encouraged to articulate what they are experiencing as they play with their fabulous friends. 

SPRING 9-week session: $326.25

SUMMER 8-week session: $290.00

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Wordy Wizards

4-5 years old

Our Wordy Wizards will create magic! They will learn to communicate with each other using American Sign Language and engage in wizardly activities using magic potions! We will paint with our feet, create fabulous process art pieces, make colored rice from scratch, jump around hot lava, build marshmallow castles and pompom catapults, and so much more! 

Class meets on Tuesdays at 3:30pm for a full hour.

SPRING 9-week session: $344.25

SUMMER 8-week session: $306.00

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Messy Fun Learning Preschool Prep 3 hour Drop off

Drop your little bugs off with us for our 14-week Messy Learning Fun 3-hour drop off class for a superdeeduper, fantasticabulous time on Mondays and Tuesdays 8:45am-11:45am!!! This is a wonderful opportunity for our little bugs to gain structured independent time with their friends! They will have a tons of fun while you go and do something almost as awesome! This class is limited to five lucky bugs ages 2 - 3.5 years old :) 

Each week, you will also receive pictures of your little bug enjoying various sensory activities!  

WAITLIST: Please complete our waitlist form if you would like to join our waitlist. 

SPRING 9-week session for 2 days: $2173.50

SUMMER 8-week session for 2 days: $1932.00

SUMMER 8-week session for 3 days: $2898.00

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Belly Babies Workshop for New & Expectant Mommies
from 30.00

Come join us on Monday, March 26th at 1pm to meet new and expectant moms, dads, caregivers and learn some fun DIY activities to enjoy with your little bug. These activities open you up to fun and creative ways to help your little one stretch their muscles, ease into tummy time and soothe your little one. You will also learn American Sign Language to introduce into your daily routine and help your little one communicate with you. 

Our meeting will last an hour and then we will have an extra 30 minutes to chat with new friends.

Please bring a soft blanket for your little bug, a comfy pair of socks for adults to wear and anything else you may need to feel cozy. 


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Enjoy diving into super fun sensory play at Hugs & Bugs Club! For current students only. Please select the time you prefer. You may purchase more than one block of time. Have fun!

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