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Open Play


Open Play:

We suggest registering prior to arrival. Children and adults are required to wear socks. Babies in arms are free.

Saturday & Sunday 9am-2pm* REGISTER HERE

*Saturday & Sunday Unlimited time open play: Time depending on Birthdays & Events. Time will be posted on Instagram & Facebook weekly


We are more than happy to reserve a time and day for private playgroups. Please email for details.


Top 4 reasons to join a playgroup

  1. True Socialization: Seeing the same friends each week allows children to gain confidence communicating in various ways with peers. It also encourages them to try new activities as they observe their friends engaging in the various activities. PLUS, mom’s need friends too! This is a wonderful way for caregivers to build a community, a village.

  2. Gentle Separation: As children become more comfortable in the space with their friends, they will be able to ease into more independent play without mom or other caregiver being the “other friend” or “entertainer”. We have a front area room where caregivers can see and speak with their children during the playgroup time. Eventually, caregivers will be able to chat more with each other, work or just relax. This is not a drop off class. This is a place for caregivers to observe and be a part of a new experience with their child.

  3. Independent Play: With time, children will engage in more meaningful and purposeful play. They may want to delve deeper into the movement of paint on our acrylic easel or discover how various materials like colored rice or sand flow through funnels and tubes. This builds a great deal of confidence as the child relaxes and is allowed to let their curiosity expand.

  4. Teachers are Facilitators: The teacher’s role is to observe and see where they are needed in the various activities. They may ask questions to encourage more socialization or deeper involvement with the activities. They give the child the freedom to explore independently.

Children are meant to bond with their environment and peers through play, have the wonder and magic of the world imprinted in their minds and hearts. Connecting with their world, engaging in active healthy risks, experimenting with materials, playing independently as well as with a peer is primary to a positive experience of learning. Play is their way of experiencing the world around them. It is their way for them to learn and grow. They need time and an opportunity to discover their world without intervention. They need to take risks and make what we, as parents, may think are mistakes, but this is the optimal time of discovery for a child. Take a step back and let them play. Let them learn. Let them be messy. Let them be a kid.

We need to allow them to invent with what we may consider junk. They will create such an incredible world. Such amazing innovators!