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Our Approach

Mommy and me infant and toddler early sensory learning classes in Hoboken, New Jersey and Waldwick, New Jersey. We focus on sensory play, socialization and American Sign Language. Each session is based on a book. Each class is inspired by a page within the book. Each class is a unique experience for the caregiver and child. 

As a mom, I wanted my children to get messy, learn through experience, and make friends. I also wanted to meet other moms and be a part of a loving community. Thus, Hugs & Bugs Club was created as a place for families to come together, have tons of fun and learn from the activities and from each other.  

This has been an incredible journey thus far and each session is a surprise! From picking the perfect book to creating fun DIY sensory activities, cleaning paint off the walls to tracking down purple footprints, sharing great mom advice to making playdates, Hugs & Bugs Club continues to grow and make hearts smile! We use Sensory, Sign Language and Socialization (3 S's) to give our little bugs the perfect combination to learn by "playing" and just being plain ol' awesome!

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Sensory play is a fun way to engage children in various activities that stimulates their senses and develops their skills (fine and gross motor, vocabulary, communication, problem-solving, and social). These activities facilitate exploration and naturally encourage children to use scientific processes while they play, create, investigate and explore.

Each class at Hugs & Bugs Club has different sensory activities for children to explore, inspired by various children's books. It's an adventure here! Please visit our Pinterest page to see sensory playgroup examples such as sensory bottles, scented rice and rainbow spaghetti. 

Early socialization is an important developmental tool that teaches children how to move comfortably among others, manage stress, resolve conflict, learn language, and gain independence and self-confidence. Hugs and Bugs Club limits the number of children in a class to 8 in order to encourage bonding with peers. We also believe in individual exploration and encourage our caregivers to take a step back and enjoy watching their little ones explore.

Sign language reinforces children's current communication skills as well as develops more of those fine motor skills, builds vocabulary and increases their IQ. It also allows children to communicate their needs far earlier than with speech.

Hugs & Bugs Club incorporates American Sign Language (ASL) into every class. New signs are taught and repeated throughout the semester. Cool little fact about our name: Hugs & Bugs Club incorporates one of our favorite signs: bug.